Forest, dunes, beach

In the area there is a great diversity of nature.

Forest, dunes, beach. There are also plenty of options for the active people among us. There is a mountain bike route through the woods right behind the house and many water sports activities are possible in the area.

Boswachterij Westerschouwen

Boswachterij Westerschouwen starts at the rear of the park.

You can here:

  • Take beautiful walks on paved and unpaved paths
  • Cycling on beautiful paths
  • Mountain biking on an exciting course

Large supermarket, shops and bicycle rental in Burgh (10 min. Walk)

Sea and beach (20 min. Walk 10 min. By bike)

  • The Oosterschelde works with waterland Neeltje Jans
  • Sea fishing
  • Nature playground Zeeland Buitenland in the Oosterschelde
  • Climbing forest Zeeuwse Helden in Westenschouwen
  • Golf course Molenberg
  • Horse market in Burgh
  • Swimming in the Roompot pool
  • Gliding in Haamstede
  • Several mini golf courses in the area
  • Various trampoline jumping possibilities
  • Visit to Zierikzee, Veere, Middelburg
  • Various cozy culinary occasions from pancake to fish restaurant